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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide plates and forks? 

Yes. Our Catering Company provides Biodegradable plates (Sugarcane BioPlates are plastic-free made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp)  forks (made of plants not plastic) and napkins. Our aim is to make your Party or Event as much fun as possible for you and your guests. We make it hassle free so you can relax and enjoy yourself.


How far do you travel? 

We are happy to travel far depending on the type of Event / availability  and your requirements. Generally, 30minutes  from headquarters in Carlisle. Depending on your location a distance surcharge may apply for locations outside this range. Call us! 


How long does Paella take to cook?

The amazing Paella that we prepare cannot be rushed.  We will arrive to the venue 30 minutes earlier to set up. It takes about an hour sometimes a bit more to cook the Paella. The aroma of the Paella as it cooks means that people really look forward to their Paella Dish. In some occasions we may drop equipment the day before the Event. 


How many types of Paella are they? 

There are many types of Paella.  The most popular Paellas are meat, most commonly chicken based, seafood and vegetarian; all of which are delicious. My favourite Paella it’s the Black Rice Paella , using squid ink, with aioli. My mum’s favourite was chicken and prawn Paella (Paella mixta).

How much space do you need? 

We need approximately a 2m x 3m space to provide paella catering. The size of the catering event will dictate space requirements.  For Tapas Catering we will require a larger space.

Are Paellas and Tapas spicy?  

No, the Paellas have not chilli on them, some of the Tapas may have a bit of  chilli.  We can prepare  them to your taste. Just tell us when you make your booking.

Is Paella gluten free? 

Yes, All of our Paellas are Gluten Free

Is your Vegetarian Paella also Vegan Friendly

Yes, our Vegetarian Paella contains no animal products, eggs or nuts.

What facilities are required? 

We aim to be totally self-sufficient wherever possible. We need under cover area  and if the Catering event it’s in the evening, electricity to light the Paella and Tapas cooking.  We may you need your oven for some of the Tapas.

What happens to any left over Paella?

If you have suitable food storage containers, we can place any leftover Paella into them, it can easily last for 3-4 days. We have as well eco-friendly compostable take away containers should you require them.

What is the minimum number you can Cater for?

Typically 30 people for a single Paella is the minimum. We are able to Cater easily for 100 or 200 in a single sitting. However, if you are hosting a Party for 60 people for example, which includes a few vegetarians or guests with special dietary requirements, we will Cater especially for all your guests needs as part of our normal service; just Give us a Call on 0402 119 350 to discuss your requirements.

What sort of events can you Cater for?

We provide Catering pretty much for  anything you can think of. We have Catered for Corporate Events, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries and Christenings.

Why would I choose Paella and Tapas Traditional to Cater my event?

I (Manuel)  prepare and cook the way my Mum and grandmother  taught me when I was growing up in Madrid. If you are looking for a Traditional Spanish experience, then Paella and Tapas Traditional  is what you have been looking for. Paella is Traditionally a communal dish so it is ideal for any large gathering because it is simple, tasty and easy to serve. A feature of any good Paella is the spectacle; from watching it being cooked, and then finally getting to taste it and tantalise the senses.


How much deposit do I need to pay? 

We require a 20% deposit to secure the booking. Deposits are non – refundable. 

How much does it cost? 

We will quote Paella and Tapas per person, the price reflects the quality of the ingredients, most of them Spanish when possible,  the transport, the insurances, the staff and the traditional preparation of the stock, which take hours and the generous portions.

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