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Let Paella and Tapas inspire your team

Are you looking for something different to bond your team? Are you looking for a unique team experience? One that will build confidence and trust, test initiative, adaptability and problem solving in a fun and challenging way?.

The task? Build your Paella kitchen and cook from scratch – against the clock!

Cooking is naturally a great team building activity and provides an original and interactive way to entertain and build relationships. Whether you’re planning a gourmet event with clients or planning to have lots of fun for a Christmas Party or celebratory occasion, you can be assured of a unique and great time with us. All abilities in the kitchen are extremely welcome and we will make sure from the outset that everyone has an amazing time with us.

The day rounds off with a paella feast of the group’s making and a glass of vino.

Preparing paella ingredients and boding
Teamwork exercise

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